Mar 19

Initially, I was thinking by disabling the BEEP service in my (host OS) windows system will help to keep the BEEP sound away for my (guest OS) virtual machines. But I was wrong. Certain tasks which i performed in my guest will trigger the BEEP sound.

Click on the below link if you want to disable system BEEP service in particular (guest OS) virtual machines.
Windows XP / Vista / 2003 – Turn off the system BEEP service

  1. Make sure VMware Workstation program is exited
  2. Look for config.ini in the following folders
  3. For Windows XP,
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Workstation\config.ini

    For Windows Vista and Windows 7,
    C:\Program Data\VMWare\Config.ini

  4. Open config.ini with notepad and type mks.noBeep=”TRUE”
  5. Save the config.ini file and exit notepad


  • The folders may be hidden, you need to unhide the folders in order to see the files.
  • If the config.ini does not exist, create the file using notepad.

Finally the annoying beep sound is removed permanently! Cheers.

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