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Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
This guide is for Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition.  Click Here for Microsoft Windows 98 First Edition

To play the sound for windows 98 in VMware, you need to download the below drivers.

To download, right-click the link and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”

Install Sound Blaster PCI128

  1. Double click on SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01.exe that you have downloaded
  2. 2009-01-24_204315

  3. Click on Yes
  4. 2009-01-24_2043371

  5. Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now.
  6. Click on Finish to restart your computer
  7. 2009-01-24_204416

Install eapci8m.ecw file

  1. Copy the file eapci8m.ecw into C:\windows\system.
  2. 2009-01-24_170449

  3. On the Windows Start menu, click Settings, click Control Panel
  4. 2009-01-24_212003

  5. Click on System.
  6. 2009-01-24_171544

  7. In the System Properties, click Device Manager, expand Sound, video and game controller, click SB PCI(WDM), click Properties.
  8. 2009-01-24_171745

  9. In the SB PCI(WDM), click Settings.
  10. In the MIDI Synthesizer Waveset, click Add WaveSet.
  11. 2009-01-24_171657

  12. Select the file eapci8m.ecw in C:\windows\system, click OK.
  13. 2009-01-24_171717

  14. 8 MB GM/GS Waveset ver 5 will be displayed under MIDI Synthesizer Waveset.
  15. 2009-01-24_171732

  16. Click OK to exit and restart your windows 98.

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28 Responses to “VMware – Configure sound in Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition (Screenshots)”

  1. 1. Prezes Says:

    It works!

  2. 2. The LT Says:

    Works like a charm! Thanks a bunch!!!!

  3. 3. Aidan Says:

    I needed to screw around a bit when installing the sound blaster. It asked me to insert the sound blaster install disk which, of course, I don’t have. But since the driver files had been extracted into C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\CRF000\Drivers\Wdmdrv i was able to specify that location for the installer to get its files from. Hope this helps someone.

  4. 4. Phil Says:

    Thanks worked great!

  5. 5. Chaz Says:

    Thank you very much!! Let the Win 98 nostalgia virtualization begin!!

  6. 6. meo u Says:

    You saved my life, thank you very much 😀

  7. 7. Prezes Says:

    Works on Win98SE [PL]. Thanks.

  8. 8. enjoy98 Says:

    i am very happy

  9. 9. Xanne Says:

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to get the sound to work on this for several days now, and attempted several variations on driver-related fixes – this is the one that has finally worked.

    One point – I needed to have my Windows98SE CD in the tray before I started this: the first time round I didn’t..and I couldn’t get the tray to open during the install. Result: fail. When I ran through it the second time (CD in!) everything was fine.

  10. 10. taiwan jason Says:

    thank you very much

  11. 11. aniruddha ghosh Says:


  12. 12. Elia1995 Says:

    All fine installing the drivers, but since I restarted it I keep getting this error
    “Unable to open the disk ‘Windows 98.vmdk’.
    Failed to configure disk ide0:0. The virtual machine cannot be powered on with an unconfigured disk.”

    on my VMWare Workstation, who can help me? D:

  13. 13. Rick Says:

    This is great!!!!!!!

    Thanks……..works like a charm!!!!!!

  14. 14. max Says:


  15. 15. anonymious Says:

    Yes, it doesn’t work as it always asks for a “PCI system peripheral” driver that it can’t find and there’s no way to find out which device this could be as there’s no info on Vendor and device ID.


  16. 16. John Says:

    CORRECT IT: “System” is wrong, it must be “System32”

    Anyway, thanks for this tutorial 🙂

  17. 17. Solipse Says:

    Great tutorial, works flawlessly ! Vmware should include this in their manual :}

  18. 18. grandaumg2 Says:

    Thanks!! Great work!

  19. 19. Kido Says:

    freakin’ genius ! it workz !

  20. 20. Chris Says:

    Praise the lord – been battling with this for days and this worked right out of the box!! Thank you so much for stopping me from becoming crazy!!!

  21. 21. Cooz Says:

    Thank you so much.

  22. 22. AR Says:

    Awesome! Worked as a charm, thank you!

    (Now I only have to get rid of the question mark on “PCI System Peripheral”)

  23. 23. Michael Pinto Says:

    Note: the link above for the eapci8m.ecw file is broken — after looking through google this one worked:

  24. 24. Max Says:

    Thanks for the info, very handy 🙂
    Both original DL links worked fine for me.

  25. 25. Dragon Says:

    THANKS a lot!

    I hear win98 welcome sound in bg while wrote this message! :)))

  26. 26. Bill Says:


    Running a mac book air with vm ware 5. I really want to play some older games.
    I cant get win 98 to see a sound card. I installed both these files and still it dosent see a sound device, so several games wont run.HELP!!

  27. 27. xismailaydin Says:

    Thank you for your information. I solved my problem too.

  28. 28. brian Says:

    thank you! now i can run my after dark screensavers with sound.

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