Nov 12

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

To play the sound for windows 98 in VMware, you need to download the below drivers.

To download, right-click the link and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”

  1. Install SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01.exe and restart your windows 98.
  2. Copy the file eapci8m.ecw into C:\windows\system.
  3. On the Windows Start menu, click Settings, click Control Panel, click System.
  4. In the System Properties, click Device Manager, expand Sound, video and game controller, click SB PCI(WDM), click Properties.
  5. In the SB PCI(WDM), click Settings.
  6. In the MIDI Synthesizer Waveset, click Add WaveSet.
  7. Select the file eapci8m.ecw in C:\windows\system, click OK.
  8. 8 MB GM/GS Waveset ver 5 will be displayed under MIDI Synthesizer Waveset.
  9. Click OK twice to exit and restart your windows 98.

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written by coppermine

90 Responses to “VMware – Configure Sound in Microsoft Windows 98”

  1. 1. JOSE M. RODRIGUEZ Says:

    Thanks a lot for this information. Hours and headaches trying to solve the issue. Does it also work for Windows 95?
    Kind regards.

  2. 2. George Kosmidis Says:

    Indeed many hours in this issue and finally got it to work!!!!
    They should put this information somewhere along the Vmware help page for crying out loud!!!!!
    Thanks a million

  3. 3. Bruce Says:

    Yea!!! It worked!! Thanks!!!!!

  4. 4. Peter Williams Says:

    Superb page, thank you so much!

    I had some problems with the SoundBlaster installation asking me to insert disk 1 and disk 2 of the installation discs. If this happens, you can find where there exe has extracted the required files and tell the dialog box to browse there instead which (in my case) was: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\CRF000\Drivers\Wdmdrv

    Thanks again – and I had no problems finding this with Google 😉

  5. 5. iUser Says:

    This solution works flawlessly, everything is easy to do ^_^
    5 Stars!

  6. 6. enguerrandm Says:

    Works perfectly

    Thanks a lot

  7. 7. FIX94 Says:

    Thanks! It works perfectly fine, no sound errors, no crashes!
    If the files are offline again you can use this iso file:

  8. 8. lomac21 Says:

    Finalmente, depois de mil tentativas baixando isso e aquilo, mas esta super dica foi a unica que funcionou. Obrigadoooooo….

  9. 9. a Says:

    Thanks a million buddy!

  10. 10. Alan Bird Says:

    Many many many thanks – works perfectly.
    Give my regards to Captain Carrot!

  11. 11. Tim Says:

    Thanks fot the help. Does this procedure work for MVware ‘Player’ edition? I have no problem installing the files mentioned here, but, the “eapci8m.ecw” file does not show in the sound menu of the Device Manager after I install it. Also, Do I need to have “Sound Blaster” software on my windows 7 computer that I am running the VMware on in order for this procedure to work? Thanks again, Tim

  12. 12. Hody Says:

    It worked. I love you!

  13. 13. Jayol Says:


  14. 14. USMAN Says:

    thanx…… million times

  15. 15. Apxubapuyc Says:

    This really help me to get Windows 98SE working!

  16. 16. Julio Says:

    Perfecto Brother. Gracias. 😉

  17. 17. webodan Says:

    thanks, working on version 8.0.2-build 59240 of vmware workstation, guest os windows 98 second edition.

  18. 18. JJHans Says:

    Thx a lot, worked like a charm.

  19. 19. Eva-Maria Says:

    This is working perfectly. Thank you so much for this 🙂

  20. 20. K. Péter Says:

    Hálás köszönet, a segítségért.

  21. 21. T.W. Says:

    Thank you very much. It works.

  22. 22. Sérgio Says:

    Works perfectly. Thanks!!!

    ///Funciona perfeitamente. Valeu!!!

  23. 23. Roel Says:

    Been wrestling with this for 4 hours now, and this finally solved it for me. Thank you sir!

  24. 24. David Says:

    OHHH Thanks, I can play LIberation Day ( a older game with the mitic sound!!!

  25. 25. riz Says:

    it’s works, thanks a lot

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  27. 27. WaitingForSound Says:

    Thank you so much. Just got this working on WMware Workstation 9.0.2. Appreciate the detailed instructions and links.

  28. 28. Nick Says:

    Thanks, this worked perfectly!

  29. 29. Rafael Says:

    Thank you very much my friend!

    Regards from Brazil.

  30. 30. Orange Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  31. 31. Salvador Martínez Says:

    A lot of thanks.
    It seemed impossible.
    Thanks from Spain.

  32. 32. idonnie Says:

    Also method needs Windows Installation 98 CD to be inserted.

  33. 33. Jose Isidio Says:

    Thats works flawlessy ! Only the Wave banks I have to get at somewhere else (7.91 MB)

  34. 34. JOhn Doe Says:

    Million thanks! Worked like a charm!

  35. 35. Jim Dansie Says:

    Brilliant! Worked perfectly – this should be fixed by VMWare

  36. 36. Phil Says:

    Worked perfect. VMware 10.1 vm machine win98

  37. 37. Matt Says:

    Thanks a lot, works perfectly.

  38. 38. John Doe Says:

    No offense, but I’m looking at the posts of everybody who praised the useless fix given here and I just can’t believe this worked for everybody. I can’t believe my eyes. (And my stupid bad luck.) For me, this page was pure crap. A waste of my time.

    That stupid SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01.exe does not work. I double-clicked it in vmware workstation 7 and it extracted a few files somewhere but before the end it spit up a CRC error( – “File error CRC1( followed by two hexadecimal figures)”)

    This is garbage. No good.

  39. 39. John Doe Says:

    The download from FIX94, posted on May 14, 2011 — that did work!
    Good thing I tried it.

    It does work, but get the good version.

    FIX94 uploaded it here:

    I know that ISO has the same files inside, but maybe the SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01.exe uploaded at the top of the page is faulty. ‘Cause it didn’t work for me.

  40. 40. SadBunny Says:

    Freakin’ awesome! Spent an hour trying to get a SB16/32 compatible sound driver activated on W98.

    Also tried to use microsoft vpc and Sun/Oracle VirtualBox. Did countless W98 installs. Luckily my virtual hard drive and mounted W98 install cd are both on SSD… Both of them worked right out of the box with the sound, but have no integration features for W98 (so no drag/drop, no copypaste, no mouse integration and such). VMWare player does, which is AWESOME.

    So then I tried VMWare player, which is by far the best performing W98 host and with easy-to-install integration features, but has no out-of-the-box sound integration.

    Finally, finally I found this page. Got it to work within seconds. And yeah I am using the free “Player – for non-commercial use only” edition, so that works. Also tried the VMWare documentation guidelines but they are for the paid version. Maybe that’s why they don’t work.

    If I had found this site at my first attempt I might already have completed the Magic the Gathering game that is not compatible with Windows 8 -stupid ’97 Microprose not being able to preemptively support operating systems of 11 years in the future 🙂 – which is why I needed W98 in the first place.

    So thanks! Thanks a bunch. Now I can enjoy a shameless bender of playing old games from back when I was finishing high school.

    Man, I needed that.

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