Aug 03

HyperTerminal is no longer part of Windows Vista.   However you can copy the relevant hyper terminal files from Windows XP to your Windows Vista.


  • Windows XP system
  • USB flash drive

Here’s the trick.  (Or you can download from here)

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Windows NT\
  2. Copy hypertrm.exe and htrn_jis.dll to your USB flash drive
  3. Go to C:\Windows\System32\
  4. Copy hticons.dll and hypertrm.dll to your USB flash drive
  5. Copy the above files to a folder in your vista machine and double click on hypertrm.exe to launch the Hyper Terminal program.

What each file does.

  • hypertrm.exe – Application
  • hypertrm.dll – Is a required dll file for hypertrm to run
  • hticons.dll – Is the icons
  • htrn_jis.dll – I can’t figure out what is this use for.  Anyone can help me with this?

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