Sep 02

VMware Workstation 6.5 RC1

I wanted to create VM to test out a new feature accelerated graphics.  This is where I realised the new v6.5 come with a new feature call Easy Install.  This new feature is almost the same as unattended installation of OS like we do do in server deployment.  It will reboot 2 times and bring you to the ready Windows XP screen.  Oh ya! One more thing to note is, once it bring to your the Windows XP Screen, it will auto install VMTools for you as well.

The first screen as usual no difference.  Nothing fantastic.

You will see a New Virtual Machine Wizard.  It gives you option to Install from which source.

Installer disc-> refering to the CD that is currently detected in your cd-drive.
Installer disc image file (iso) -> refering to the ISO file.

Next, it give you a screen to key in your Windows product key and Personalize Windows.

This is the normal screen that we have in v6.0

Still the same screen from v6.0.  Realised this screen lack of one thing, where’s my Allocate all disk space now? hmm… It’s only available if you custom on the very first screen.

Still the same screen from v6.0

Click on Finish and you are good to go.  But did you realised one screen is missing?  Yes! you got it.  The default Network Type screen is missing  and will be set as NAT if u use typical.  This screen is only available if you select custom on the first screen. 

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